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Barcelona, Spain: A Photojournal

Well, yes… I’ve been home for a couple weeks now, but the backlog of work has been crippling (not to mention I’m working on a new project that has been demanding all of my free time!). Check out these photos from Barcelona, Spain!

We visited the Torre Agbar and saw Gaudi’s work at the Sagrada Familia and the Park Guell. Those pictures inside the church are from La Sagrada Familia, and let’s say that many fantasy scenes will be inspired from my visit that day. We also visited the small nation of Andorra (see the 12th century chapel among the mountains), and when we weren’t walking the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, we ate tapas (small plates) by the ocean.

Stay tuned for writing-related posts to come soon!

Liebster Award Nomination


Well, well, well, it seems I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award! I began this blog back in July of last year, and though it began as an extension of my writing career, it really has taken on a life of its own. I enjoy expressing myself without the structure of fiction, and I enjoy the informal feel (read: ranting).

In any case, it’s fantastic to be recognized for something that I enjoy, so a big THANK YOU to Melis for nominating me for the Liebster Award (whose blog, by the way, is called Infinite Daydreamer, and you should definitely check out here). The award goes to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and those who are nominated must answer 11 questions as well as nominate 11 other blogs. I’ve nominated some blogs at the end, so if you’re a blogger who’s received a ping back, that’s why :p

So, here we go!

How did you decide on the title of your blog?

The title of my blog was quite simple, really — it’s my name! I thought about using a different title, but none of the ones I thought up would really be applicable to all the projects I have in mind throughout my prospective writing career. So, my name was the simplest, and for me, the easiest to pick because I could then have seamless cohesion between my blog, my published work, and my other social media endeavors.

What is one word that sums up the heart of you blog and why?

Writing! That’s a pretty easy one. Yeah, I realize that I stray off of that topic from time to time as topics such as travel, life, and the struggles of a millennial are spoken about also, but at the end of the day, this blog focuses around writing as a whole, my thoughts on it, and as a central hub for my writing career.

What are your favourite pastimes besides blogging?

Writing fiction. Lol, I see a trend… But wait! I like reading too. I also have a considerable amount of wanderlust, so I love travelling and/or planning my next trip. I’m not really into television or movies, so my pop culture knowledge is embarrassingly low, but I love to learn and debate and meet people, though I can sometimes be a little shy and introverted at first.

What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

My favourite aspect of blogging is the informal feel. When I write fiction, I generally spend a lot of time toiling over the tone and the voice and how something is coming across to the reader. I like that blogging is a little bit more raw. I like that I can say what I want and that a quick copy edit is generally all the editing I have to do. I also like that blogging is more interactive. I get to meet people here who have similar goals and aspirations. Not to mention the other blogs. I love reading what other people have to say.

Which project, recipe, or idea on my blog would you most like to try yourself?

I think this question refers to Melis’ blog, if I’m not mistaken. I like the monthly favourites feature that Melis has on her blog. I think it’s a great way not only to let others know what you’ve been into that month, but I think it acts as a nice retrospective for the blogger. I know for me that specific pieces of music or different books influence my mood and my writing, and those things change often. I think the monthly favourites feature allows for both readers and bloggers to look back and see what they were into last month or even last year.

Where does your blog inspiration come from?

I think a lot of my blog inspiration comes from what I’m doing at any particular time. The blog posts where I talk about writing normally correspond to a particular aspect of the writing process that I’m experiencing at the time — I wrote one about editing when I was editing, I wrote about troubles finding inspiration when I was having trouble finding inspiration.

What is one country you would like to visit and why?

I would love to visit Iceland. I think that I’m pretty well traveled in general, but one place I’m dying to visit is Iceland. I love the Nordic feel, the melancholic nature of winter, the contrast of beauty and somehow, desolation. Also, some of my favourite musicians come from Iceland (Bjork, Olafur Arnalds) and the Nordic countries on the whole. AND if that wasn’t enough, Iceland means sulfur springs and glacier climbing and geysers and the northern lights. Have I convinced you yet?

If you have children, what are their names? If not, what are your favourite boy and girl names?

Hmmm… Odd question. I think it would be hard to name my children because names that come into my head normally already have a personality or a back story attached to them (#writerproblems). However, I like the name Leonardo (Leo for short), and I’ve saved that name for my child in the future. That means no story shall be written about a Leo or will feature a Leo until that child is born. Then, when I get a feel for him, maybe he’ll end up somewhere.

A long-lost relative leaves you a large sum of money. What do you do with it?

First, I give some to friends and family who I know could use it. I would probably invest the rest of it, and if it’s enough to support me, I’d probably stop working a 9-to-5 for a while and travel. The purpose of all of that, of course, would be to write, so honestly, I’d take the money and figure out how much more time it would afford me for writing. I’d focus on my writing career and use the time I spend working a 9-to-5 to develop it.

In your opinion what’s the best blog post you’ve written so far and why?

The best blog post I’ve written so far would have to be How I Stopped Caring and I’m Better Off Not only was it well-received by readers, but it was one of the most genuine blog posts I’ve ever written, and I think that’s what led to its success. I think the post showcases me most transparently, and I think it is the “realest” blog post I’ve done so far. I should do more like that in the future.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hmm.. a tough one. I don’t know if the answer is a where or more of a what. I’ll be wherever feels right, whether it’s still here in the Greater Toronto Area or abroad. I will definitely have a more developed writing career. The Black Oracle will be released by then and hopefully the other three manuscripts I have written and/or drafted will be published too. I hope to have an agent and be able to support myself off of my writing. But besides all of those writerly goals, I see myself being happy. I mean, I am very happy now,  but I see myself continuing to be that way, if not even more happy.


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