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15 Things 20-Somethings Say, and What They Really Mean

We’re just so cryptic, you know? Okay… Maybe, we’re not fooling anyone.

“I’m in between jobs.”

Meaning: I have no idea what my life is about anymore. I thought I knew, but that was a lie. And I realized there’s no job market for what I want to do anyway.

“What do you do?”

Meaning: Is there an opening at your workplace? Can you get me in? This is networking, right?

You have a job, you say?

You have a job, you say?

“How have you been?”

Meaning: Are you as lost and confused as me? No? Well then.

“I’m fine.”

Meaning: I’m probably not fine, but I numb myself to real life so I can keep a peaceful existence like everyone else. Oh look, wine!

“I think society is unfair to Millennials.”

Meaning: I’m secretly afraid that everyone is right about Millennials.

“I’d love to travel.”

Meaning: I spend an obscene amount of time cruising travel websites, blogs, and Cheapoair, but ultimately, I’m broke.

Yup... Won't be going anywhere for a while.

Yup… Won’t be going anywhere for a while.

“Yeah, I drive a pretty good car. It gets me from A to B.”

Meaning: My car is shit. I’m terrified it’s going to break down on my way to my job. Correction: on my way to a job interview.

“I’m job searching. It’s a rough economy, but I’m staying positive.”

Meaning: I’m freaking the hell out and I’m scared I’ll spend the next 10 years living with my parents mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage for an allowance of 20 dollars a week.

“I’m using the experience to build my resume.”

Meaning: Basically, I’m working for free.

“I’m working on my ten-year plan.”

Meaning: I have no plan. Everyone else seems to have their shit in order though so I guess I’ll pretend to too.

“I had a crazy weekend!”

Meaning: I drank wine, watched Netflix, and put off tasks that should have been done two weekends ago.


“I can’t believe Super Successful Sally is getting married.”

Meaning: I’m weirded out but also kind of stressing. Should I be getting married too?

“We should meet for coffee. We haven’t hung out in forever!”

Meaning: Coffee is a nice thought, right? We always say we should but legit this time, we should. No, I’m busy next week.

“I never see you anymore!”

Meaning: I miss how close we were in college, and the fact that those days are gone makes me feel old and lonely.

“I miss college. Those were the days.”

Meaning: No one told me real life was this hard.

Could we take a moment for the carefree days we'll never get back?

Could we take a moment for those long lost college days?