Wednesday Writerly Update #1 (THE BLACK ORACLE Available for Pre-order!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Before we begin, I am crazy excited to announce that “The Black Oracle”, my debut post-apocalyptic New Adult novel, is available for pre-order on Amazon! One click gets it auto-delivered to your Kindle on May 25th, and if you haven’t added it to your Goodreads list, do so here.


Whew! Sorry, I’m a little overwhelmed. I may need a little time-out.

Okay, the excitement has passed. Moving on.

So, I’m part of a group of New Adult Speculative Fiction writers on Facebook (yes, the genre exists, and you should join us), and a bunch of us are taking part in a weekly blog hop about our writing progress (or in my case, lack thereof). I’ve decided to call mine Wednesday Writerly Update, and each week I’ll give you all the low down on how much or little fiction writing I’ve gotten done. I’m not sure if anyone will care, but it’ll be a nice way to hold myself accountable to my word counts (and maybe even see what headway I’ve made on my 2015 writing goals).

Without further ado, here we go!

I am happy to announce (mostly to myself) that I have finished a short story and submitted it for consideration into an anthology! It’s a dark fantasy piece with horror elements, and I’ve had the draft sitting on my computer for years (almost 5, I might guess), so it’s nice to see it polished and sent off.

As for any potential WIPs, I am currently trying to add 15,000 words to my newest NA Speculative Fiction (I like to think it’s Inception meets Darren Shan’s The City Trilogy). Long story short, I thought it was finished at 50,000 words, but then it wasn’t so I wanna pump it with more words and then edit and submit and *hopefully* see it in print in 2016. There! I said it: my first 2016 goal.

In any case, I’ve written 3500 words in the past three weeks (I’m slow, okay?!), but I would like to see me writing 2500 words a week so that I can start editing by July.

So new goal: write 2500 words by next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

Got any goals? How do you hold yourself accountable to them?


3 responses to “Wednesday Writerly Update #1 (THE BLACK ORACLE Available for Pre-order!)

  1. 2500 words is totally doable! And yay for a 2016 goal! I’m about there with the sequel to GYRE. Waiting on CP feedback so I can edit and (hopefully) submit! And polishing off an old short story is a great feeling. I hope it gets accepted into the anthology!


  2. Congratulations on all the exciting news! Your WIP sounds intriguing. I’ve not read any of Darren Shan’s adult novels but I enjoyed his Demonata/Vampire’s Assistant series when I read them a few years ago.

    Best of luck with the writing goals!


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