My Biggest Issues with Mainstream Fiction

For me, there are two types of books. I will admit, I enjoy the first the most: a good plot, well-thought out characters, interesting themes, and ultimately, a book with something to say. This is the haute couture of books, the Ferraris, if you will. And then there’s the other stuff. Maybe I’m just getting older. Maybe I’m just getting more and more acquainted with what’s good and what’s not so good. Either way, I find myself reading something, and I can’t help but wonder: “how did this get published?”

Well, I believe I’ve found out, and to be truthful, the answers are part of the problem.

Vampires and Zombies and Dystopias, Oh My!

Trends. Trends will be the death of the publishing industry (or the saving grace, depending on how you look at it). Do you know how many times I’ve read or *thought about* reading a book, only to discover it’s following the current fad? It makes me sad. I understand how the world works. I understand that books, like any other industry, go through certain successes, and then tries to get the most out of said success by replicating it again and again and again.

But seriously. How many books were turned down by big publishing houses because the current trend was focused on some frivolous fad like uni-cycling unicorns? Worse: how many badly written books were published anyway just because uni-cycling unicorns became the thing to do?

I vant to suck all the originality out of the books you read.

I vant to suck all the originality out of the books you read.

Emphasis on the XXX

Sex sells. We all know it. Tackled the right way, it can be effective — poetic even. But a book that devotes itself entirely to it without any mind to develop characters or have a good plot or follow some basic guidelines for good storytelling? Again, sadness ensues. What happened to sex being something that enhanced a story, not its reason for existence?

How about Fifty Shades of My Fist?

How about Fifty Shades of My Fist?

Pop Fiction

Over the years, I’ve discovered something that has become more and more apparent in the publishing industry. I call it Pop Fiction. Think pop music but without the excessive music videos and lip syncing. But then again, this is much the same. It’s like an author writes an okay book, gets the backing of a big publishing house, and BANG! bestseller. And fine, maybe some of these books aren’t so bad, but the quality has tanked. String together a few sentences, throw some sex in there, get some pre-teens on your side, and call it a day.

It’s like no one even tries any more. Can you imagine what people will think 100 years from now when the books released today are considered classics?

I shudder.


2 responses to “My Biggest Issues with Mainstream Fiction

  1. I agree with pretty much all of this. I’m not too bothered by the XXX, because it usually occupies its own genre of erotica that you can take or leave (I don’t see *too* many “why did they just do it?” scenes in mainstream fiction). But the amount of mediocre books backed by big publishers + stupid trends are what make 90% of modern fiction unreadable to me.

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  2. I don’t think future generations will be looking to add Fifty Shades of Grey to their bookshelves. Makes you wonder what the sought after ‘classics’ will be? So long H. Scott Fitzgerald? J.D. Salinger? Charles Dickens?

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